My Abstract Expressionist work emphasizes spontaneity and the exploration of new emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It combines self-expression and emotional intensity.

I draw my inspiration from a trip to Asia, where I encountered fascinating visual effects done with prayer papers, glued directly onto temple doors, sculptures of saints and even trees. Due to changing weather conditions, these papers become even more intriguing, mixing and blending into different layers and further interacting with the surfaces they are glued on.

The intricate effects are thrilling.  

I have since been working with rice or silk paper that is traditionally used for weddings, burials and ceremonial burning rituals.   I also collect and work with papers that are considered “trash,” such as candy or gift wrappers and give them a second life as I incorporate them into my works.  

My paintings are created by soaking, gluing and layering these materials together.

I then use metallic paints that I rub onto the canvas, adding and peeling away color and papers.

Although my work is abstract I like to stay in control of the visual effects and the tone of colors. As a result, I carefully choose my material, and I cast the final piece in many different layers of varnish in an attempt to control time and the destruction of things.  

I would compare my artwork to the contemporary European art movement called “Les Affichistes”. These artists worked with commercial posters that were picked directly off the streets. Instead of being considered poorly, the decay and recycling process is elevated to the rank of art.”